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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry 

Chemical and petrochemical plants have many different industrial HVAC and refrigeration configurations depending upon the products being produced. These processors often require a broad range of pressures, flows and operating temperatures to meet precise production requirements. Although chemical and petrochemical reactions are not as strictly controlled as those in the pharmaceutical industry, precise control of temperature is a crucial factor in attaining higher efficiencies in chemical transformations. KR Mechanical provides the mechanical and refrigeration process technology and solutions for organic chemical production, such as:

  • ethylene and olefins
  • xylenes and aromatics
  • intermediates and derivatives
  • methanol
  • biofuels
  • specialty chemicals
  • refined chemicals
  • polycarbonates and plastics
  • complex organic intermediates

Chemical and petrochemical companies form the foundation of the manufacturing industry and play a significant role in the sustainable deliver of numerous products. Basic chemicals and plastics are the key building blocks for the manufacture of durable and non-durable consumer goods. Application of industrial refrigeration in the chemical and petrochemical industries is essential for liquefaction of gases, solidification of liquids, crystallization of salts from solutions and resolution of mixtures into their constituents. Moreover, plant performance depends not only, on the size of the facility, but on factors such as systems reliability, heating and cooling controls, and actual yield.