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Cold Storage and Blast Freezing Industry 

Industrial refrigeration for the cold storage & blast freezing industry goes beyond commercial air conditioning in both project scale and the fine details for temperature control. There is a broad range of temperatures required for safely and efficiently processing or co-processing of food, beverages, or chemical compounds. To avoid unwanted chain reactions, requires a plant's refrigeration and cooling systems to work seamlessly in dissipating heat. When you choose KR Mechanical, we review your specific needs for heating, cooling, chilling, and freezing with functions, such as:

  • maintaining constant air temps
  • variable product temperatures
  • pre-processing temperature controls
  • fruit & produce ripening rooms
  • protection for nutritional value
  • bacterial protection & process control
  • prevent spoilage, waste and rot
  • keep inventories chilled or frozen
  • exact temperature storage of assets

Because of the numerous variables involved, many things must be considered when constructing or installing industrial refrigeration systems for processing, chilling, blast freezing and multiple phases of cold storage for consumer goods. Secondary to safety considerations, the goals for the cold storage and blast freezing industry is to successfully deliver products utilizing energy-efficient industrial refrigeration for the best return on their investment. When you choose KR Mechanical, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that help protect your company's bottom line.