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Are you in the process of selecting refrigeration for your hospitality business? Let our team of hospitality industry mechanical & refrigeration contractors walk you through the design-build, selection, and installation process. We can help you efficiently set up any workspace for convenient access to safely stored refrigerated ingredients and pre-made food items in walk-in, reach-in, and point-of-use refrigerators and freezers. Moreover, our certified installers insure each piece of equipment is efficiently set up for seamless operations. KR Mechanical strives to deliver installed systems on time and on budget to meet the hospitality industry's needs for commercial and industrial HVAC and refrigeration, such as:

  • high traffic kitchen units
  • hotels & resort hvac
  • traditional sit-down restaurants
  • quick service restaurants
  • walk-in coolers & freezers
  • reach-in refrigerators & freezers
  • food-prep refrigerators & freezers
  • blast chillers & shock freezers
  • merchandiser display refrigerators

When the hospitality industry is setting up spaces, it is critical for the refrigeration equipment to placed, installed and started up correctly. Commercial blast chillers and shock freezers that are commonly used in the hospitality industry, bakeries and commercial kitchens reduce the amount of time that foods spends in the danger zone between 40 degrees Fahrenheit and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Our experienced team can design and install refrigeration systems with chillers designed to quickly cool ingredients to the proper temperatures to prevent foodborne illnesses as well as cold storage units to insure your guests have a safe, enjoyable experience. In addition, we can help you select display or merchandiser refrigerator-freezers to meet your specific volume and space requirements.