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Pharmaceutical Industry

When a business in the pharmaceutical industry has a heating, cooling, ventilation or refrigeration problem, it can cost thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage as well as the potential for putting workers at risk. KR Mechanical has teams of experienced commercial HVAC and industrial refrigeration technicians that can provide innovative solutions for a design build or building retrofit to get you safely back up and running. We offer a wide array of services to support entities in the pharmaceutical industry for proper inspection, installation and startup of HVAC and refrigeration systems, such as:

  • modeling & asset planning
  • innovative energy optimization
  • mechanical services & piping
  • building automation systems
  • cooling tower pumps & valves
  • custom fabrication & modification
  • chiller plant optimization
  • laboratory air distribution
  • photo-catalytic air filtration

Failures in the HVAC and refrigeration systems at a pharmaceutical plant can occur due to defects introduced during the design, manufacturing or installation of equipment. Moreover, system failures in the pharmaceutical industry often have an immediate and cascading effect resulting in an unintended release of potentially dangerous substances, spoilage of stored goods, structural failure to the building, or premature equipment replacement due to damage from the event. Piping issues and leaks can render a building uninhabitable (sick building syndrome) jeopardizing productivity by causing workers to suffer from various health issues.