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Carrier® Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration

Before Willis Carrier designed the first commercial air conditioning system more than 110 years ago, hot steamy days resulted in lost productivity in early industrial plants. Today, his legacy lives on in the complete line of air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration equipment that keeps so many industries operating safely and efficiently. The precise control of temperature and humidity not only reshaped the manufacturing industry but led to many new products like summer block buster movies that depended on a cool theater where consumers could escape the heat.

Today, Carrier commercial HVAC & refrigeration solutions are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of building types and industrial applications with lower energy costs and less environmental impact. Moreover, when it comes to the freshness and safety of food products, Carrier commercial refrigeration solutions meet the needs from the processing plant's cold storage warehouse to commercial display cases for merchandizing refrigerated and frozen products. KR Mechanical is an authorized supplier of sustainable refrigeration and air conditioning systems that combine Carrier commercial refrigeration with commercial HVAC solutions.   

NOTE: As founding company Number One on the U.S. Green Building Council® and provider of the Carrier University's Institute for Sustainability, the company is the nation's largest LEED education provider.