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HillPhoenix Commercial Refrigeration

Hillphoenix designs and manufactures custom refrigeration products to meet the processing, packaging, freezing and cold storage applications for processing industries like biopharmaceutical manufacturers. The company is dedicated to ensuring the integrity of the cold food supply chain with innovative solutions for small-format food retail storage and display. Their goal is deliver a big impact in small places with versatile and energy-efficient merchandiser cases and supermarket food-retail display cases. Easy product access allows for a superior shopping experience where the food remains the focus and is always front-and-center.

Industrial refrigeration systems from Hillphoenix are ideal for manufacturers in the pharmaceutical products industry where the regulatory and safety issues are myriad. High-value pharmaceutical products call for special emphasis on proper process cooling and cold storage of temperature-sensitive products. Hillphoenix also provides cost effective, efficient systems for optimal processing-room environments for companies in the food processing industry for seafood processing, ready-to-cook meals, meat packing plants, milk & dairy products, poultry processing, pasteurizing, brew fermentation and baked goods.

NOTE: As a division of Dover Corporation, Hillphoenix commercial refrigeration is responsible for developing and supplying innovative solutions for food retailers as well as other energy-efficient industrial refrigeration applications.