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Hussmann Refrigeration Systems Contractors

As more people begin to enjoy processed foods and modern grocery shopping, up to 25% of greenhouse gases could come from refrigeration. That's why Hussman invested in natural refrigerants and recently introduced refrigerated display cases with 99% less environmental impact. Moreover, the supplier of state-of-the-art refrigeration systems supports the EPA GreenChill Partnership that seeks to reduce harmful refrigerant emissions and decrease the impact the industry has on climate change. Innovative cooling equipment has long been a part of Hussman's customer-focused approach.

Hussman solutions are transforming the food and beverage retail industry with a commitment to providing a safer and more pleasurable shopping experience. Today's food retailers have more options than ever to win the war for foot traffic in the beverage, frozen food, and fresh food markets. KR Mechanical is a Hussman contractor & supplier with expertise in food merchandising to help you boost sales while reducing energy consumption and waste. Hussman refrigerated merchandiser displays showcase your offerings by allowing for clear visibility and easy access to refrigerated products, as well as reliable walk-in cold rooms.

NOTE: Hussman Refrigeration is the food retail division of Panasonic, who is deeply engaged in finding next-gen solutions for renewable energy and refrigeration products that leave a small environmental footprint.