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Keeprite Worldwide Refrigeration

KeepRite Refrigeration products have been manufactured and distributed worldwide for more than 70 years with a broad selection of options to meet the most specialized requirements. KeepRite Refrigeration commercial cooling products include applications in food storage and processing, industrial process cooling, evaporator coils, condensing units, condensers, heat transfer and recovery units and commercial air conditioning products. Designed for use with a variety of refrigerants, the KeepRite line of outdoor air-cooled condensing units are environmentally friendly.

As a leading North American manufacturer of commercial and industrial refrigeration products, KeepRite's quality management system conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the design, manufacture and delivery of commercial refrigeration equipment (including replacement and service components). KR Mechanical is a certified supplier of KeepRite Refrigeration products and can engineer, design-build and install the latest commercial refrigeration equipment designed to save you money by operating on less power and refrigerant charge.

NOTE: SMART3 (pronounced Smart Cubed) Systems is a suite of system saving solutions designed by KeepRite to reduce environmental impact, reduce energy usage and increase systems efficiency.