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 Frequently Asked Questions


What is the address of KR Mechanical corporate office?

9651 Hood Road.

Jacksonville Florida, 32257


What Are Chilled Water Systems?

Chilled water systems provide cooling to a building by using chilled water to absorb heat from the building’s spaces. At the heart of the water chilled system, a chiller removes heat from water by means of a refrigeration cycle.

What Are VRF Systems?

VRF systems, or variable refrigerant flow, are based on the flow of refrigerant between an external condensing unit and multiple internal evaporators (typically fan coil units). Each internal evaporator serves a different thermal zone within the building, and the flow of refrigerant to each evaporator is adjusted depending on the local requirement. This provides flexibility and, as the output of the outdoor condenser adjusts to match the total internal demand, it allows the systems as a whole to operate at optimum efficiency.

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

A mechanical contractor can be responsible for installing the ventilation, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration systems and plumbing in buildings.

What Is Glycol Chiller Systems?

Glycol chillers are industrial refrigeration systems that use a type of antifreeze called glycol, mixed with water, to lower the freezing point in the application of the chilling system.


What refrigeration product manufactures do you work with?

  • Century
  • Heatcraft
  • Hussmann
  • Hill Phoenix
  • Keeprite
  • Daikin
  • Trane
  • Carrier