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Chilled Glycol Piping Contractor

Chilled glycol piping is an important heat transfer fluid that is used for numerous industrial applications. Since glycol has the ability to remove heat quickly, it is most useful for maintaining the temperatures of chemical reactions. Moreover, ethylene glycol discourages algae growth in heat transfer equipment and components making it an ideal choice for factories or industrial plants requiring large volumes of coolant. Propylene glycol is commonly used in food industry applications and industrial refrigeration systems as it is safe to come into contact with the fluid. KR Mechanical is experienced in chilled glycol piping installations, such as:

  • winery chilling units
  • food and dairy chillers
  • process cooling for fermentation
  • plastic injection molding
  • medicinal vats heat transfer
  • ink temps for print rollers
  • low-temp cannabis processing
  • cooling for brew beverages
  • sewage treatment bacterial growth

The important role glycol plays in process cooling is to adjust the range of operating temperatures of the system. Adding glycol to water lowers the freezing point to keep process fluids at colder temperatures for faster heat transfer. Determining the correct glycol-water mixture is critical for cost-efficient chiller operations. This is why it is important to select an experienced mechanical contractor for your chilled glycol piping. To learn more about installing glycol chillers or to find out which system is right for your application, contact us today.

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