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Chilled Water Systems

Chilled water systems are at the heart of modern-day commercial and industrial HVAC installations. Since they consume a substantial amount of the building's utility, it is important for you to select a mechanical contractor that focuses on maximum efficiency of the chiller system being installed. Despite their cost-saving advantages, chilled water systems are complex. For starters, evaluating the chiller plant performance must focus on the accurate analysis of total power consumption and the overall efficiency of the main components, including:

  • compressors
  • condensers
  • evaporators
  • chilled water piping
  • cooling towers
  • expansion valves
  • water boxes
  • power panels
  • controls units

Traditionally, chilled water systems have been used in commercial operations, such as big box stores or industrial plants with a large cooling capacity. Nonetheless, this eco-friendly solution to commercial air conditioning and other industrial heat transfer operations have seen a drop in costs. Moreover, there is a reduced hazard to workers and consumers, since neither the supply chilled water piping nor the return piping has to move potentially explosive or corrosive refrigerants throughout the building. Additionally, there is no practical limit to the length of the chilled water piping, whereas conventional systems can freeze up if piping exceeds a specified length.

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