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Heavy Commercial HVAC Mechanical Contractors Florida

We are dedicated to providing you with the most effective heating and cooling solutions for your business. For peace-of-mind knowing you've made the right decisions, let KR Mechanical help you determine the heavy commercial HVAC system that best fits your needs and budget. Florida's temperate weather causes heat to be high and often unrelenting, so your heavy commercial HVAC needs to be carefully designed and installed with precise care. KR Mechanical has the ability to design-build, procure, fabricate and install commercial systems with options and benefits including:

  • value added design options
  • packaged and split systems
  • heavy commercial HVAC services
  • procurement, fabrication & installation
  • properly insulated & sealed
  • highly trained & insured technicians

KR Mechanical is experienced in installing a wide variety of commercial air conditioners from a small rooftop packaged air to more complex highly efficient, variable refrigerant systems. Heavy commercial HVAC systems can be complicated to install and up to 40% of your energy cost can be wasted if the ductwork is not correctly sealed. We can fabricate sheet metal ductwork needed for your project to closely control the schedule, costs and quality of each installation.

We offer free estimates on any commercial or industrial project, and a one-year warranty on workmanship. Our professional team is licensed and insured in the State of Florida.