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VRF Piping for HVAC Variable Refrigerant Systems

The main benefit of considering a variable refrigerant flow system is energy efficiency. The small VRF piping used for refrigerants is far less invasive than the ductwork needed to move air. As a mechanical HVAC contractor, VRF technology allow us to deliver state-of-the-art HVAC solutions with the ability to offer a quick return on investment for commercial and light industrial applications. Due to system versatility, variable refrigerant flow systems can be scaled to meet specific needs for heating and cooling with benefits that include:

  • excellent zone control
  • performance at part load capacity
  • improved energy efficiency
  • simultaneous heating & cooling
  • less duct work and less energy loss
  • flexibility with a small footprint
  • less facility downtime
  • extremely quiet operations
  • fewer equipment breakdowns

KR Mechanical engineers are highly-trained and experienced VRF product experts. Our installers will work alongside you to customize the best VRF solutions for your commercial or industrial needs. While the energy efficiency is going to depend in large part on how you implement VRF piping in different spaces, VRF offers greater flexibility for easier building integration with simpler controls and less components to service, repair or replace. Variable refrigerant flow is well suited for diverse buildings with multiple zones that require individual controls, such as office buildings, hospitals, schools or hotels, especially in climates with low heating loads.

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