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CO2 Industrial Refrigeration

For decades, many industries have relied on ammonia refrigeration systems as the standard for large cold storage and process refrigeration applications. In recent years, however, CO2 has made a successful comeback and is being used in industrial refrigeration as a secondary coolant or low-stage refrigerant in cascade installations. Although ammonia-based systems are still a mainstay in many industries, CO2 is an attractive alternative where toxicity and flammability are primary concerns. KR Mechanical is experienced in design build using CO2 secondary and cascade systems for highly efficient low-temperature applications with benefits including:

  • non-corrosive refrigerant
  • elimination of many emergency issues
  • elimination of critical safety issues
  • electronic expansion valves
  • variable speed fan controls
  • near constant heat transfer
  • cost efficient installation
  • cost effective operations
  • significant reclaimed heat

There is really nothing new about CO2. It surrounds us and has no significant detrimental impact on global warming or the destruction of the ozone layer. In fact, it was used as a refrigerant until the early 20th century when chemical CFC refrigerants were introduced. Nonetheless, it still helps to keep many precious products frozen when used as dry ice for temporary storage or distribution of heat-sensitive consumer goods. Since heat transfer efficiency is nearly constant, it makes CO2 an attractive option as brine for low and medium temperature applications. Moreover, CO2 industrial refrigeration systems can freeze some foods (e.g. - fish) much faster and at lower temperatures to maintain nutritional quality while consuming less energy.

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