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Process Cooling

It's no secret that industrial processes produce a significant amount of heat. Unless the heat is removed, the efficiency of plant operations will decrease and the operating life expectancy of equipment is shortened. By installing the right process cooling chillers, heat can be moved away from critical components for better operating efficiency while making the workspace safer for employees. Air conditioners pull heat from the air but process cooling units are more complex and use different fluids (e.g. - water or glycol) to adapt to different temps at a variety of flow rates. KR Mechanical offers process-cooling solutions for heat sensitive applications such as:

Process cooling chillers create a cycle with liquid flows to transfer heat from critical equipment to the process cooling unit. In other words, it exchanges heat with the refrigerant system to cool the process fluid and extend the life expectancy of the equipment as well as improve efficiency of the operation. Some of the current trends in process cooling include the use of cold plates for electronic components, explosion proof chillers, new refrigerants and natural cooling agents as well as designs for more efficient process chillers. KR Mechanical can design and install a process cooling system for your specific applications and needs.

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