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Walk In Coolers and Freezers

There are more things to consider than you might think when deciding which walk-in cooler or freezer will meet your specific refrigeration needs. Although there are suppliers who can provide completely assembled walk-in units, most coolers and freezers today come equipped with cam locking devices for the assembly of a panelized walk-in cooler or freezer on-site. With minimal upkeep, the right walk in unit will provide peace of mind about product cooling with noticeable energy savings. KR Mechanical is a leader in design-build installations for custom refrigeration and walk-in coolers and freezers for applications, such as:

  • food service coolers
  • restaurant coolers
  • beverage coolers
  • beer cave coolers
  • industrial coolers
  • floral coolers
  • combo coolers & freezers
  • custom walk in coolers
  • custom walk in freezers

KR Mechanical can answer all of your questions regarding the refrigeration type that would be the best fit for your walk-in coolers and freezers. Combination cooler/freezer units are great for applications where there is limited space or minimal storage needs. Multi temperature units offer a convenient storage option for businesses that need to store smaller amounts of a wide variety of products. Moreover, our custom walk-in coolers can have a freezer access door located inside of the refrigerated section or positioned for external entry.

We offer free estimates on any commercial or industrial project, and a one-year warranty on workmanship. Our professional team is licensed and insured in the State of Florida.